How to Remove adware POPUP ads from iPhone (Safari, Chrome, Firefox)

Is there such a thing as adware for iPhone? I mean, can an iPhone get infected with adware that triggers pop-ups? The answer is no. However, many users report that their Safari, Chrome or Firefox web browser on iPhone (iOS) is redirected to Amazon gift card (congratulations) pop-ups or pop-ups that claim that the iPhone is locked or infected with a virus?

what is the cause of pop-ups on iPhone?

There may be a number of causes of pop-ups on an iPhone. The first cause is that the Safari (or Chrome, or Firefox) web browser has been redirected to a rogue advertisement by a compromised webpage. If web pages are infected with a rogue ad code, users are redirected to pop-ups as soon as they visit the web page. An example of these spammy websites are web pages that offer free software downloads such as torrent download websites.

Rogue advertising networks

These websites place advertising code from rogue, often suspicious ad networks in their content to redirect users to annoying pop-up advertisements. Here is an example of a redirect to malicious pop-up ad code I stumbled on while visiting a compromised webpage.

iphone popup redirect

Injected ads

The second reason may be that in some countries advertisements are injected by the ISP (internet service provider) itself. This is rare but it happens. This happens for example in countries where people are very busy with censorship, and the internet is kept limited available to the public.

The reason why scammers choose to display pop-up advertisements on an iPhone is simple. The scammers behind these pop-ups are often out for your personal data or money.

By data, I mean information such as your e-mail address, location or telephone number. This information is then sold on to advertising networks for sending spam, among other things. If people try to make money, pop-ups will show that your iPhone is blocked and that a phone number needs to be called to speak to Apple Support (which is obviously fake) to unlock the locked iPhone.

contact apple support popup iphone

This way of scamming through pop-ups is also widely used and is apparently lucrative. If you would call a phone number to speak to “Apple Support” because your iPhone is blocked then you are often advised to buy a support contract for problems that do not exist at all, often very expensive and completely unnecessary.

In short, pop-ups and redirects on an iPhone are temporary and your iPhone is not infected with adware. You can perform the following steps to empty the web browser cache on your iPhone on iOs, this will remove most pop-ups on iPhone. Remember to stay away from dubious web pages, yeah you know what I mean!

Clear browsing cache on iPhone (iOS) Safari, Chrome, and Firefox

How to Remove browsing Cache Safari on iPhone (iOS)

Open settings on your iPhone. Scroll down to Safari and locate “Clear History and Website Data”. Tap to remove history, cookies, and other browsing data. Note that the history will be cleared from Safari on all devices the iCloud ID profile is synchronized with.


How to Remove browsing Cache Google Chrome on iPhone (iOS)

Open Chrome on iPhone, in the bottom tap on the three horizontal dots, tap Settings. In the Chrome settings on iPhone, tap Privacy and go to Clear Browsing Data, tap Clear Browsing Data to remove browsing cache files.


How to Remove browsing Cache Firefox on iPhone (iOS)

Open Firefox on iPhone, in the bottom menu tap on the three horizontal stripes to open Firefox menu. In Firefox menu tap Settings and go to Clear Private data, tap on Clear Private Data to remove browsing cache from Firefox.

I Hope this article has helped you get rid of malicious pop-ups on iPhone. Read more about how to protect your Mac against malware.
Thank you for reading!

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