How to Enable “Hey Siri” on Mac and Macbook –

Since the introduction of macOS Sierra, it is possible to activate Siri on a Mac. However, it is not possible to use the Hey Siri command just like on you would use it on an iPhone or iPad. Hey Siri isn’t supported on a Mac (earlier than 2018) by default, but you can still activate Hey Siri on a Mac or MacBook using a trick.

In order to activate Hey Siri on a Mac, you need to enable Dictation. Dictation is a feature that allows you to create your own voice commands on a Mac. These voice commands can be linked to an action or application. This way, I’m going to explain how you can still activate Hey Siri on a Mac that doesn’t support the command by default.

Enable “Hey Siri” on Mac and MacBook

Open the Apple menu () in the top left corner. Open System Preferences and click on Siri.

siri preferences mac

In the keyboard shortcut settings, drop down the menu and select Customize.

siri keyboard shortcut

Press the command ⌘ + SHIFT + S button on your keyboard. The keyboard shortcut to enable Siri is now changed to command ⌘ + SHIFT + S.
We need this shortcut later.

Go back to the system preferences. Open the keyboard settings.

system preferences keyboard mac

Go to tab Dictation, enable dictation and enable Use Enhanced Dictation.

keyboard dictation settings mac

Go back to the system preferences and open the Accessibility settings.

system preferences accessibility settings

In the left menu, open Dictation settings. Enable the “Enable the dictation keyword phrase” and type: Hey

accessibility dictation

Click on the Dictation Commands button.

dictation enable siri

Add a new voice command, click on the [+] button and type in the “When I say:” textbox: Siri
While using: any application
Perform: press the command ⌘ + SHIFT + S button on your keyboard.

Hey Siri is now activated on your Mac or Macbook! If you would like to revert back the changes go to the Dictation command settings and remove the Siri phrase with the [-] button. Go back to Dictation menu in Accessibility and uncheck the “enable the dictation keyword phrase”. System preferences open Keyboard and Dictation and set Dictation to off.

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