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Whenever you need a specific file or folder on a Mac, or you want to search in all the files on your Mac with a specific file-type, Spotlight is there for you. Spotlight is the built-in assistant for many operations you can perform on your Mac, such as searching for files, folders or file-types and many more. Searching for files on your Mac can become an annoying problem if you need to open each folder to see if the file you are looking for is in there. Instead, Spotlight can help you. Let’s get to it, a few examples you can use to find files or file-types on your Mac faster than before!

Locate files and specific file-types on Mac

you can find the spotlight application in the right top menu on your Mac. Spotlight is located next to the time, date and Siri button. You can also press the command ⌘L keys on your keyboard simultaneously to open Spotlight search.

open spotlight mac

Use the search term “kind” to define to Spotlight what files you are searching for. Let’s take for example you want to find all the Jpeg file types (images with the .jpg format) on your Mac. all you have to do is type the following command.


spotlight kind search command

Spotlight will show results of the jpg file types search on your Mac. If you want to see all the results, open the Show all in Finder link in Spotlight. If you want to open the folder where the file is located, select a search result in Spotlight and press command ⌘ + R.

You can also use Finder to locate files or file-types on your Mac. In the search field type “kind:” and add the specific file type, the first two or three characters then select the file type from the drop-down list in Finder. It is the same as Spotlight because it is Spotlight integrated with Finder.

kind command search spotlight

Here are some useful searches you can use with Spotlight to find folders, files or filetypes on your Mac.

kind:folder folder-nameFind a folder on your Mac including the name you specified
kind:audioFind all audio files on your Mac, not specified by a specific audio format
kind:disk imageFind all dmg, disk image files on your Mac
kind:app application-nameFind an application on your Mac
kind:text text-to-findSearches through all files for a specific text
name:search-termSearch for a specific search term on your Mac with name, everything that matches the search term is listed

I hope this article has helped you to easily find the files, folders or file-types you need on your Mac. Spotlight is a powerful search tool for Mac.
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