How to use Look up and Data detector on Mac – Mac Tutorial

Did you know that on a Mac you also have a dictionary at hand with the Look up and data detector function? If you have a Mac or Macbook with a trackpad (also without trackpad), you can use the trackpad to quickly find a certain meaning of a word and other information.

Of course, it is just as easy to quickly enter the search query via Google. You will undoubtedly find what you are looking for. But it is faster and more convenient to search for it on the Mac itself.

On your Mac with look up and data detector you can not only search for the meaning of a word, but your Mac gives even more information such as possible locations nearby, suggestions on the web and App store results.

How to use Look up and Data detectors

Look up and data detectors is very easy to use, you just need to know exactly how it works. In this tutorial, I will simply explain how to quickly find a meaning and information about a certain word.

Proceed as follows. If you have a trackpad with force touch, click on a word about which you want more information and press harder on the trackpad. The word will be marked yellow and a pop-up will open with the information.

look up and data detector mac

You can also right-click on the word and choose “Look up” from the menu.

The look up and data detector function displays the following information: dictionary, Siri knowledge, news, maps, and movies. All information that is displayed is the most recent information can be found on the internet, so an internet connection is also required. Easy huh!

Enable or Disable Look up and data detectors on Mac

If you would like to enable or disable look up and data detector on Mac, go to the Apple menu ( in the top left corner) open System Preferences, open Trackpad settings and check or uncheck “look up and data detectors”. When you click the arrow down icon, you can change the force click with one finger to tap with three fingers.

look up and data detectors settings mac

I hope this tutorial was useful to you! Thank you for reading.

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