Tutorial: Uninstall a browser extension – Safari, Chrome, Firefox on Mac

Browser extensions are useful extensions for the web browser. A browser extension is intended to add functionality to the Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox web browser on a Mac computer. Extensions are programmed using standard web technologies – JavaScript, HTML, and CSS – plus a number of specific JavaScript APIs. Among other things, extensions can add new functions to the browser, change the design, customize a web browser theme or change content of certain websites. In this article, I will explain how to easily remove an extension from the Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox web browser.

Uninstall browser extension


In order to uninstall a browser extension from Safari, you should open the Safari preferences. Open the Safari menu, at the top of Mac OS, expand the Safari menu and open Preferences. Navigate to the Extensions tab and click Uninstall in the extension details panel.

uninstall extension safari

Google Chrome

Uninstall a browser extension from Google Chrome. Open the Chrome menu, in the top right corner “three vertical dots”. Open the Chrome menu, expand More Tools and open Extensions. Search for the Chrome browser extension in the panel and click Remove to uninstall the extension from Google Chrome.

remove extension chrome mac


Mozilla has a different name for browser extensions. Mozilla describes a browser extension as an add-on. Open the Firefox web browser, open the menu (three horizontal stripes) in the left top corner and open the Add-ons settings. In the left menu select extensions. Search for the extension and click the Remove button.

remove add-on firefox mac

I hope this article has helped you get rid of an extension in the Safari, Chrome, or Firefox web browser on a Mac.
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