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When you download a file with Safari on a Mac, the download URL- hyperlink or link is not visible, it is hidden to prevent clutter. In this tutorial, I will show you how to find the URL where you downloaded the file from. In some circumstances you might this URL again, for example, to download the file once again or to share the hyperlink with other people. 

There are two easy approaches to find the download link- URL in Safari. The first way is in Safari itself, in the download list and the second way is through the downloaded file information in MacOS Finder.

Find download link in Safari

Open the Safari web browser, press Option ⌥ + command ⌘ + L on your keyboard and open the downloads folder. Use right-click and click the file you have downloaded. Select Copy address from the list. The URL is now copied to the clipboard. Paste the URL wherever you need it, for instance in the address bar of the Safari web-browser to re-download the file or a text editor to save the hyperlink for later.

view download link safari

Find download link from File using Mac Finder

Open the Downloads folder on your Mac, you can do this with the function key combination command ⌘ + Spacebar. Spotlight will open, type Downloads and open the Downloads folder, not the Downloads settings. Locate the file you just downloaded through Safari or another web-browser. Use right-click and click the file you have downloaded. Open Get Info from the contextual menu. 

get info from file mac finder

Expand More info and locate “where from” in the downloaded file information. Here you will see two URLs in most cases separated by a comma. The first hyperlink is the actual direct download link and the seconds URL is the redirected link. With this information, you can see where the file is downloaded from, easy and useful!

file information downloaded url link

I hope this tutorial has helped you find the download link for a file you have downloaded.
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