How to easily reset the Safari web browser – Factory reset Safari

By default, Safari for Mac does not offer an option to reset the web browser to default values. A reset can be useful if Safari is damaged or if Safari, for example, has been infected with an unwanted search engine, browser extension or home page. Apple also does not support a Safari Restore, although there is a way to restore Safari to default factory settings.

In this article, I will explain step by step how to reset the Safari web browser. This instruction only works on Mac OS and not for iOS.

  • Close the Safari web browser. Save this information in a text editor or use another web browser.
  • Open Spotlight (press the Command key (⌘) + spacebar) and type: terminal
  • In the terminal window copy and paste the code below, right click in the terminal window and select paste. Confirm with an enter.
  • Restart the Safari web browser. Safari is reset to factory settings.

Reset Safari code

rm -rf ~/Library/Safari/;rm -rf ~/Library/Saved\ Application\ State/*;rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/*;rm -rf ~/Library/Cookies/*;rm -rf ~/Library/Preferences/*

reset safari code

Video showing how to hard reset Safari on Mac

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Enjoy a clean Safari web browser. Tips or comments? Leave a comment!

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