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Over the years you’ve undoubtedly collected a lot of websites in your Safari bookmarks, also called favorites. These favorites can easily be managed and placed in folders so that you can keep track of them. Often the bookmarks are sorted by date of adding them to your favorites. Did you know that you can sort them bookmarks alphabetically? This is especially useful when you need to search for that one website between the evergrowing list of favorite bookmarks!

Sort Safari bookmarks in alphabetical order

Open the Safari browser on Mac, click the sidebar icon in Safari to show the sidebar with bookmarks or open Bookmarks in the menu and click show bookmarks.

safari bookmarks

Right-click the Favorites bookmarks folder in Safari and select Sort by and Name. This will sort the favorites folder bookmarks by name. You can do this for every folder you have created in Safari. Subfolders are not automatically sorted by name, so when you have a subfolder in favorites, you need to sort that folder with bookmarks also by name.

sort safari bookmarks by name

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