How to prevent automatic startup of Macbook PRO –

I recently acquired a MacBook Pro with TouchID. I have noticed that if I open a MacBook Pro after turning it off, it will start automatically. Not only when I open the Macbook, but also when I put it on the charger. The Macbook then boots up automatically to be ready when I want to use it. I find this disturbing. When I shut down my MacBook Pro, I want it to stay off till I decide to turn it on. I’ve found a method to disable the automatic Mac boot up.

Disable automatic startup on MacBook

Open the terminal application on your Mac. Press the command ⌘ + Spacebar on your MacBook and type: Terminal. In the Terminal window paste the following command:

sudo nvram AutoBoot=%00
copy this command with command ⌘ + C and paste it in the Terminal window with command ⌘ + V. Confirm with an enter and provide the administrator password to save settings.

nvram autoboot disable macbook

In order to test this new setting, shut down your MacBook and lift the MacBook screen. Your MacBook won’t automatically start, click the TouchID or start button to turn on your MacBook. In case you want to revert the setting, follow the same steps as above and copy and paste the following command: 

sudo nvram AutoBoot=%03

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