How to take Fancy Screenshots with shadow on a Mac –

You can take screenshots on a Mac by pressing a specific pair of keys on your keyboard, you can create a full-screen print, select a range or select a window. But did you also know that you can print screen on a Mac that adds shadows to the edge of the window? These screenshots look a lot fancier than the standard screenshots every one uses. You do not even need third party software to create the shadow edge screenshots on a Mac. Let’s get to it.

How to take Fancy Screenshots with shadow on a Mac

Like I mentioned, taking fancy screenshots on a Mac don’t need software, it is in-built you can use this whenever you need it. Press the command ⌘ + SHIFT + 4 + spacebar on your Mac. You will see a layer appear over the Mac’s screen. Click on a window to capture and the screenshot is saved as png image format on your desktop with shadow on the edges.

screenshot mac with shadow

Example above. You might want to edit the screenshot in a photo editor. Mac’s often have a high resolution and the images are saved in a high pixel ratio and huge sizes. Compress the image a bit and have fun. I hope this article has helped you, even it seems simple many people don’t know this trick!

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